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What Is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement which is manufactured in pill and powder form by a company called MuscleTech Research and Development. Although currently manufactured in 7 variations of formula, including herbal, CLA and acai versions, the branding ‘Hydroxycut’ is collectively touted by many as the worldwide #1 selling dietary supplement, of which in the region of 1 million units are sold annually.

While I have not had access to official accounting records that would enable me to verify this figure, it does seem plausable considering that the word ‘Hydroxycut’ alone wracks up an astonishing 74,000 searches exact match searches per month on Google, a number which is closer to 100,000 if you count other keywords being searched which have the word ‘Hydroxycut’ in them. And, unlike the alleged sales figures, these search volumes are something which I was easily able to back up by using Google’s own free keyword tool.

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Hydroxycut Has Gone Natural: Why And Is It Still Effective?

From the above it can be seen that Hydroxycut is definitely popular, so it must work to some extent for many people. Marketing efforts alone, as concerted and aggressive as they are for this product, can’t be responsible for this kind of popularity.

But why did the manufacturers decide to go natural? One particularly notable event which called into question the safety of Hydroxycut before it went natural was the FDA warning of May 2009, which arose after investigations revealed links to health concerns like liver damage, rhabdomyolysis and even one fatality.

However, what these investigations failed to examine was whether or not these incidences of health problems were isolated to cases of those who were abusing the supplement and not using it in accordance with the directions on the packaging.

Nevertheless, MuscleTech’s parent company (Lovate Health Sciences) did the responsible thing and recalled the remaining stock, which included a total of 14 products. It has since then not used the particular formula which gave rise to the FDA warning.

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So, just wanted to nip that in the proverbial bud, but the question still remains: is Hydroxycut safe now? Following the 2009 FDA warning and subsequent recall Loveate went back to the drawing board and totally reformulated their product to get rid of offending substances, a suspicious process when one considers that they were unable to isolate exactly which ingredients were causing the aforementioned health concerns. It would seem though, that they cut out the hardcore, non-natural ingredients like ephedrine and hydroxycitric acid. This process resulted in two new formulations: Hydroxycut ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Max’. The long and the short is that these new formulations use natural and therefore less potent ingredients, which has caused many to call into question the efficacy of the new formulations for weight loss purposes: the argument here is that natural ingredients can’t possibly have the same fat burning effects as substances like ephedrine and hydroxycitric acid, two prominent and powerful ingredients found in the original formulation.

Well perhaps these arguments might be true to some extent, but there is no doubt that Hydroxycut works for many, if not most, people. It’s popularity is simply too vast to be attributable solely to aggressive marketing. There can also be no questions that Hydroxycut, being natural, is also now a great deal safer than it was prior to the FDA warnings. Our hope is that our visitors continue to post their own Hydroxycut reviews, we can continue and ongoing process of education of these still relatively new formulations of the product.

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