Should You Buy Panic Away? Or Is It A Scam? An Honest Panic Away Review

panic away candidateIn this Panic Away review we’ll be taking a look at a program which, like the Linden Method program, is designed to naturally and permanently cure panic attacks and generalized anxiety. Having recently reviewed the Linden Method, we believe this particular program also deserves a closer look as it seems to be even more popular than the very successful Linden Method, so we set our researchers to work on researching the Panic Away program and feedback about this program from genuine users so that we could provide our readers with a comprehensive Panic Away review to help them decide if this is a program worth investing in.

Panic Away Scam?

For the benefit of those who want to know our conclusion without having to read the full review, we conclude that we do recommend this program for the reason that, while it might not work for everyone, it is certainly not a scam. On the contrary, our research indicates that in fact Panic Away has a very high success rate at curing sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. When you couple this with the facts that Panic Away has a full money-back satisfaction guarantee and does not require the use of any potentially harmful drugs, we feel that Panic Away is definitely something worth investing in for those looking for a safe and permanent solution to their anxiety.

buy panic away? panic away reviewWhat Is Panic Away?

Panic Away is a program designed to naturally and permanently cure sufferers of panic attacks and generalized anxiety. It was developed by Barry McDonagh, who like Charles Linden, the creator of the similarly popular anxiety program ‘The Linden Method‘, is also a former sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks. While studying under famous and widely recognized psychologists of this time, and reading countless books and resources about the subject, he stumbled upon a technique that allowed him to break free from his anxiety episodes. All the years of his research is put into this program that aims to help all people who have anxiety problems whether severe or mild.

How does Panic Away work?

panic away scam? see this panic away reviewThe key to treating anxiety disorders according to this program is for sufferers to reach a realization that he or she does not have to fear any thought of having panic attacks anymore. The challenge is to do this without any medications, lifestyle overhaul, or relaxation exercises. Anxiety attacks are debilitating conditions because the sufferer is stuck in a vicious loop and wouldn’t have any way of stopping it. When a person experiences a panic attack, such an event leaves a very powerful and strong impression in a person’s memory that every time he is put in a similar situation he would undergo the same feeling again.

Unless the loop is stopped, the sufferer would try to either undergo controlled medication to stop the sensation, or avoid doing some activities that may lead to panic attacks. Because of this, the sufferer would not be able to do ordinary things like going to parties, driving, buying groceries and many others. In short, they would not be able to lead a normal life anymore. Panic Away promises to teach people easy-to-do techniques that can help them break away from the vicious cycle of anxiety attacks.

Recent scientific findings also reveal interesting facts about what goes on inside a brain of a person during anxiety attacks. The front of the brain is where rational thinking happens, while in the middle are the areas mostly concerned with survival mechanisms, especially triggered when there are dangers or threats. During an episode of panic attack, the middle of the brain becomes more active instead of the front, which shows that the mechanisms for survival is what dominates the brain function at times a person panics.

The heightened senses, including extreme alertness and heavy breathing are only body sensations that result from the brain’s belief that there is an imminent danger. In real life situations where there are really dangers, this type of reaction is very helpful. However, the problem with panic attacks is that even at times when there are no real dangers, the middle part of the brain is still stimulated, giving inaccurate signals to the body. The 21-7 technique (as it is called in the program) moves away the brain activity from the middle of the brain into the front where rational thinking takes place. The program believes that real treatment should deal with the root cause of anxiety which happens inside the brain.

What do costumers get if they buy Panic Away?

Customers can either download the program online or have it delivered in their homes. Of course direct download is cheaper at $67 and the delivered program is at $97 (for a limited time offer). In addition, by availing of the program, customers will also be granted a lifetime access to Panic Away private members forum, where thousands of those who have tried to product can communicate with each other. It’s a wonderful support group because fellow sufferers can exchange information and help.

Those who have overcome their anxiety problems would also be there and would be a big help to those who are new to the program. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the product, the developer of the program Barry McDonagh also offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Although the website of Panic Away has many pictures and testimonials of supposed real users of the product and recommendations from health practitioners, we were still not convinced so we tried to look for other sites for any user feedback. In, there are several costumer reviews but with mixed results, although the overall rating is still high at 4.2 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviews were positive and said that the program was able to completely help them with their anxiety problems. There were some users who have marveled at how simple yet effective the program really is.

There were also quite a few who were suspicious of the product, and even pointed out that the user reviews with positive feedback must be fictitious. Seeing that there aren’t that many negative reviews, we can’t help but think that these negative reviews in themselves must be the ones that are fake. The experts who allowed their pictures and names to be published on the site convinced us, among many claims that seem to be really genuine, to recommend this product for people with anxiety problems. In any event, should they buy Panic Away and discover that it does not yield satisfactory results , they can always make use of the no questions asked money back guarantee.

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