Top 50 Health & Wellness Programs / Books / eBooks for 2013

Top 50 health ebook 2At we pride ourselves on pursuing projects that add real value to  our readers’ most valuable and important asset, namely, their health. It is with this in mind that we wish to announce that we will be revealing our first annual Top 50 Health & Wellness Programs/Books/eBooks for 2013 in May. 

Our Top 50 List will contain a collection of the best health programs, books and ebooks as nominated by you, our valued reader. With health & wellness being such a popular and important aspect of our modern lives, we believe that our nominations will provide a clear overview of some of the best programs available. 

 The winners will be divided into 5 different categories, which are:

  • Dieting/Weight Loss
  • Fitness/Muscle Building
  • Mental Health/Wellbeing
  • Conditions/Disorders/Addiction
  • Beauty/Sexual

Readers can evaluate our top choices or nominate a winning program, book or ebook based on their own experience. If you want to nominate a program, you are welcome to do so by completing the form below. If you have used or know of anyone who has made use of ANY type of health related program, book or ebook that has assisted successfully with any type of health related issue, whether it be physical or mental, and you would like to nominate it as a winner, please submit your nomination in the form below (or leave a comment below this post!).  We will continue to keep an updated list of Nominees For The Top 50 Health Programs, Books and eBooks which you are welcome to peruse at your leisure and we will continue to update the list as more and more nominations are received.

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Why Are We Making This List?

acne before and afterThe crushing costs of conventional medical care today coupled with the progressively deeper understanding by more and more people of the inner workings of the human body has led to a vast array of ‘self’help’ programs, books and ebooks being published which are designed to treat anything from physical conditions like weight and skin care issues to mentally related issues like anxiety and depression.

Regardless of the condition which they seek to treat, most of these self help programs promise similar degrees of effectiveness and ease with which results can be achieved. And while many of these programs have been able to deliver on their promises to the end user, there are equally as many that fall short or just down right don’t work at all for most users. So, we’re here to set the record straight!

best weight lossOur nominees are all well-known and popular around the world, with some of the programs being more recognizable than others; these programs are known to provide amazing results and serve as a real solution to many different challenges that readers face on a daily basis. We have put a lot of effort into researching and evaluating these nominees and our Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs for 2013 brings you the best of the best – in one central location, complete with details and in-depth reviews.

We will be choosing our top 50 candidates from a variety of popular programs around the world and the winners will be chosen for each of our five categories. These programs will help you to improve your fitness, health and wellness and they are ideal to incorporate into your modern lifestyle. From the latest diets and wellness programs, to the best workouts for muscle building or fat loss to self help remedies for anxiety and panic attacks; we will be covering all the best programs, books and ebooks available on the market.

best muscle programWould you like to help us by nominating a particular program that you love? We would be most grateful if you could submit your nominees by completing the form above or leaving a comment below and tell us what program you believe should be considered. We are looking forward to your recommendations; who knows, your favorite program might just make it to our list!

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